Wednesday, 15 May 2013

DJ Exclusive & His style.

I was at the salon last year competing with boredom when  I looked up to see what was showing on TV and there was some show on with some popular Nigerians. The anchor of the programme then turned his microphone to someone called DJ Exclusive. I did a double take and was like...what???

Aren't DJ's supposed to be behind the scenes, not...and definately not good-looking? But this one looked really interesting. I mean I have heard of him but seeing him in the flesh made me really think about the many options Nigerians have.

Turns out our suprising DJ is Rotimi Alakija and has a degree in Finance Computing from a UK University. He is said to have performed with Ne-Yo, Rihanna amongst others and is the current official DJ for WizKid.

We celebrate all his accomplishment but what we feature here, is his style. From the events he attends as a guest to the one where he DJ's, Rotimi has proven that style is second nature to him.
So, please ready your eyes for one of Nigeria's biggest and stylish DJ's.

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Photo Credit: @Djexclusive, Bella Naija