Friday, 31 May 2013

Bring on the denim...

Denim is back. I know they never went anywhere but they are back. Denim Shirts, Chambray Shirts used in all manner of devices by the people of style all over the world.
Before now, denim and Chambray shirts were worn for informal events but now people all over the world especially ladies have classed it up, jazzed it up and turned it into this super amazing dresscode for everyone around the world 
I am super excited by all the looks we have congregated in this post today, they make fashion look awesome. I have no doubt that you will learn one or two things from this. I know I did.
I hope you had fun viewing this photos and I hope that your mind succeeded in contouring images for that denim wasting away in your closet.
Photo Credit@style360chic, @uyandam, @simplypalesa, @stylepantry, @thriftybroads