Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Cost effective shoes-Fashion

Anyone who knows anything will tell you that it is not easy to be a woman. We are constantly in search of hair, clothes, shoes, accessories that will reflect our style. We want to be better looking and we want it NOW!
But like every investment, dressing stylishly costs money. Designer bags, shoes etc.
Today, I present you with another alternative. Designer shoes and bags are awesome. They have good durability. In addition, they help you make a statement at any occasion.
In Nigeria, there is a place called 'Eko' or Lagos. It is filled with very nice things. Sometimes the nice things flood the market, this ultimately means that a thousand people will wear the same things you buy.
But I can tell you that in some part of that market, you will find real pretty things that are not common but will equally give you the neccesary stylish look.
The shoes below were purchased at about 6,000 naira, a little over 20 pounds. Isn't it pretty? It definately looks hot like fire.
So don't burn all that money, do a 180 degree turnaround and check out the stuff that are hidden in the local markets here in Lagos


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Monday, 29 April 2013

Picture of the day 29/4/2013-TME: The Osunde Sisters

Hey everyone, I am so sorry about the delay in posting the picture of the day, well actually (pictures of the day)
Today we feature two sisters-The Osunde sisters. They are known basically as fashionistas but I think two things stand out with this ladies.
a. Their infectious beautiful smile
b. Their gorgeous mane (hair)
Izoduwa & Adesuwa always have lovely hair on. I am yet to see them have a bad hair day. And like we always say here, everyone must remember that feeling & looking beautiful is a choice.
Let us not spoil all the fun. Judge for yourself.

I am sure you cannot tell them apart, neither could I for while, but I am sure you will agree that they are hairnistas. Yes I coined that. You better don't be borrowing that.

Always remember that looking & feeling beautiful is a choice...
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So much more to come, stay tuned.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bride of the day 1- 27/4/2013

Hausa is one of the main tribes in Nigeria. It is located in the northern region. But we at Styles & Weddings TME will be the first to acknowlege that they have one of the most beautiful traditional marriages.
So today, we say congrats to Zainab Mahmoud. We are in awe of your lovely clothes especially the pink hued one.
To our viewers, we say we will bring a lot more pictures soon enough.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Picture of the day: 26/2/2012

Woohoo. Super super excited about the picture of this day.
We have featured two glamarous ladies who understand style.
Picture 1: Adedolapo Adesina looks smashing and stylish in that floral printed dress, platform sandals and the bowler hat. (A cross between boho chic and her personal style). Perfect look for the day.
Picture 2: Bukky Oladunni looks cosmopolitan chic in the lace blouse and a pair of trousers that calf her ankle. Those gold pointed pumps finish the really glamourous look. Perfect look for a classy night out.
Do you notice how this fashionistas pear their outfits with neckpieces? That neckwear always makes all the difference.
We love love this ladies and we have a feeling they will feature on our blogsite a lot more.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

How would you wear this?

Ladies, if you had a black dress and you were asked to go to dinner by a nice gentleman, which pair of Louboutins will you pair with this Pearl & Stone necklace by Lulu Frost?
What say ye?
I will really like to hear from you. But before that, bask in the beauty of these products.

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Picture of the day: 25/4/2013- Teal

Hmmmm. It is such a difficult colour to wear. But it doesn't seem like a problem for this missy.
She combines with a pair of white trousers and a brown belt. We at Styles & Weddings TME say go girl.
As if trying to prove that she has got the colour on speed dial, she pairs her teal jacket with a soft pink criss cross blouse and a blue skirt with patterns.


Teal should not be used on harsh colours but should be used with soft colours. So go into your closet and dust off that teal blouse, skirt or shoes and pair with something soft. All you need is your imagination! 

Pearl is way ahead of you and we say well done missy!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Picture of the day: 24/4/2013

Ms. Atibi is a favorite of our style blog. She understands style like skin.
This picture is a true reflection of that style.
Stripes has never looked amazing combined with the frilled uneven skirt (a design many people get wrong) red shoes and a red bag.
We at Styles & Weddings are happy we know this fashionista. She is definately the star of this day

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Remember looking and feeling beautiful is a choice

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

TME Accessories Special: Esther of Kish

Everyone has a style. Some are weird, fashionable, in vogue, boyish etc. It reflects in the way  everyone wears their clothes.
But I can assure you that not everyone can use Accessories. The art of successfully combining ear & neck pieces, belts, brooches, scarves & bracelets is a skill many people lack. It can be developed.
Even more special is the person that designs accessories. They are the ones that look within the soul, observe shapes flowing in nature, imagine designs and create accessories that become the fad.
Today Styles & Weddings TME feature that kind of mind: Esther of Kish!
Esther of Kish is a line of beautifully handcrafted jewellry that combines complex bead weaving techniques to create fine and trendy accessories. Known to its customers as EoK, Esther of Kish is a brand that has come to stay.
This neckpiece above is one of my favorite pieces in the EoK collection. The attention to detail is amazing and we can't but wonder at the industry it took to create this piece.

Next are the rings. We find them absolutely amazing. The attention to detail is one of a kind. And I will be ordering one shortly to graze my fingers.
These ladies obviously think so, they have beautifully accessorised their outfits with EoK jewellery for an amazing look. We at Styles & Weddings TME say Well Done!
Brides seem to trust EoK to create the perfect blend of jewellery for their traditional wedding days or just for a huge occasion where making an accessory statement is as important as breathing.
Do you believe now? Or will you like more proof?
Now that you have seen the beautiful pictures, you will agree with us that EoK is one of a kind. And like the Creator of the line says, we use high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail to create fine art accessories suitable for all personalities, occasions...and budgets.
You can visit her Facebook page: Esther of Kish or contact them at sales@estherofkish.com.
Thanks for viewing!
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And remember, looking and feeling beautiful is a choice.

Picture of the day: 23/4/2013

We especially love plus ladies who have style. Style cannot be bought. It is either you have it or you pay someone to do it for you.
Blue & Red are primary colours that people don't usually pair together because they are both 'loud colours. But when you have in born style, you can pair even the most outrageous colour combination. Check out this red dress paired with a gold buttoned blue blazer. It is accessorized by a two toned (blue & gold) collar neckpiece.
We love love.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Picture of the day: 22/4/2013

We at SAWBIA love a man that has got style. Men by nature are clueless when it comes to styling but when we see a man that gets it. Like really gets it. We have no choice than to feature him on our site.

Let me present Mr. Banji Kuye.
We love the combination of the hat, the wide brimmed eyewear and of course the leather jacket. The man bag slung over his shoulder depicts a man confident in his manliness.
We at SAWBIA love love this look.
A must copy for the men around. (without the leather jacket if it is burning hot)

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Congratulating Seun & Ijeoma

Nigeria is made up over 250 ethnic groups. So it is a thing of beauty when people inter-marry from these tribes.
We at SAWBIA love love inter-marriages and we believe everyone should go where love takes them.

Seun and Ijeoma have done this. And they have our stamp of approval and love. lol

We at SAWBIA congratulate them as they take the first step in marriage. It is what we Nigerians call Introduction!

We look forward to the very lovely traditional and church wedding!

God bless, Enjoy!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Bride of the day (20/4/2013)

We love this simple soft look on this bride.

She rocks the lace wedding dress with subtle make-up and a perfect smile. We notice her fresh bouquet of flowers and her beautiful introverted earrings and like we always say, her smile,  is the best accessory any lady can use.
We at SAWBIA wish this lady the best as she starts the journey into forever with her beau.

Picture of the day: 20-4-2013

We at SAWBIA love love the look on this lady, the soft drape of material in this modified oleku style makes it a must wear to events on the weekend.

Pay attention to the shoes this lady paired with this material for the perfect look.

Not overstated. Just enough!

Fashionistas everywhere, please copy!

                                                                   Pic Ref: Jane Ananyi

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Picture of the -19/4/2013

We at SAWBIA love love this structured Ankara jacket worn by this beautiful lady. I find it totally lovely and a must wear for ladies who are fashionable. It is the perfect outfit for a friday.
Why? You ask?
It doubles as an outfit for the day when worn with long pair of work trousers and a sassy piece for a night out when worn with a pair of hot jeans and hooker heels.
You agree now, don't you?
We love it and we are sure you have got to love this too.
Pic ref: Ms Ido.

Have a great friday!

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Picture of the day...18-4-2013

Picture of the day. We love the hair on this Missy. The long weave, is amazing. Black hair with bronzy brown tips all rolled stylishly. And the make-up is subtle enough to blend with the huge amazing hair for a perfect look. 
Perfect for an evening out with the man or a wedding that will definately crown you a showstopper.
We at SAWBIA love love this. 
I am sure you do too.
 Pic Ref: Yetunde Awotuga