Saturday, 23 March 2013

Aso-ebi. A blessing or a curse!

If you drive a lot on saturdays, you are likely going to see at least two wedding parties. And you just figure which party has what when you see different people wearing the same material.

It is the Aso-ebi phenomenon. (Proudly Nigerian)

Aso-ebi is some material (usually chosen by a celebrant) for her friends and family for an occasion. It may be for a wedding, a birthday party, a child naming ceremony etc. The list is endless.

Friends/Family are required to pay for this material, sew it (into styles intended to draw the most looks at the occasion, a time to overdo)and wear them to the occassion. Now the materials range from Lace, to Ankara, to Damask... Some of them come with 'gele' (headgear) and are mixed with other materials that enhance the 'aso-ebi'.

What is disturbing though is that many times people spend so much money in a year buying aso-ebi. They buy for a family's function, they buy for friend's weddings, they buy buy and buy. This sometimes leaves them bankrupt.

But no matter the cost people have to pay, there is something absolutely beautiful about aso-ebi.



Aso-ebi is beautiful and people have figured out several ways of mitigating the costs of purchasing it. Sometimes people share the material allocated for one person.

I think that aso-ebi's show how truly remarkably happy and loving people Nigerians are. It binds us in a beautiful weird way.

What can I say?

Have a fab saturday taking loads of pictures at your events

Friday, 22 March 2013

Traditional Nigerian Weddings!

The traditional Nigerian wedding is one word Amazing! For me, I just love the colours, the effort that each bride or family puts in combining colours in the outfit, for family members and for the event themselves.
It is always a day of joy and happiness for all the family members (I suppose most then).
Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups and this shows in the various outfits used for the traditional wedding. And when it is the merging of two different ethnic groups, it is definately a thing of beauty!

I have pooled together some pictures of some traditional weddings.



Hope y'all enjoyed all of the pictures. Many more coming soon!

Email me a traditional wedding attire of your place!

Stease; Check out style with ease!

The pictures of these ladies show some serious style. Let them speak for themselves

 Mrs. Idara Otaiku

Osayimwense & friend
You may not believe me but putting up those attires was easy for the ladies that have style. So if you think you have style, please send in your email and lets put up pictures together