Friday, 7 June 2013

Preparing for tommorrow

It is another weekend and they come with events. Wedding ceremonies, parties, Dinners or just the sunday thanksgiving service, we hope you will use some of the styles you see on here over the weekend.

If you will not, just soak in the beauty.

You will be glad you did.



Thursday, 6 June 2013

Finally...Introducing style for the plus size lady

I have been told by several people to feature myself on my style blog. I know I have style but taking pictures has not been one of my strenghts. So today, I have finally muscled up and done an initial spotlight on my style starting with old pictures.
In this photo, I am wearing a print dress which I cinched at the waist with a belt. The shoes are open-toed platforms which give the dress the stylish look. It is a look for all times. See for yourself.

Just because you are not slim or skinny does not mean that you should not style yourself in the best possible way. So you know that dress in your closet you thought was too big, pull it out, cinch it with a waist belt and slap some heels on it.
You will be glad you did.
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A lot more to come on plus size styling...(Aisha...this is primarily for you)

Friday, 31 May 2013

Bring on the denim...

Denim is back. I know they never went anywhere but they are back. Denim Shirts, Chambray Shirts used in all manner of devices by the people of style all over the world.
Before now, denim and Chambray shirts were worn for informal events but now people all over the world especially ladies have classed it up, jazzed it up and turned it into this super amazing dresscode for everyone around the world 
I am super excited by all the looks we have congregated in this post today, they make fashion look awesome. I have no doubt that you will learn one or two things from this. I know I did.
I hope you had fun viewing this photos and I hope that your mind succeeded in contouring images for that denim wasting away in your closet.
Photo Credit@style360chic, @uyandam, @simplypalesa, @stylepantry, @thriftybroads

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Shoes, Edgy or Classy. Your pick!

Spikes are everywhere. They made their foray on shoes but now they are handbags, shirts, jackets etc.

Spikes were indicative of the rock culture but it seems to have transcended to main stream fashion with even the biggest fashion designers inculcating the 'spikes' in their products. Louboutin is a major culprit.

These products are edgy, they are funky and are currently worn by people, many consider classy.
I am tempted to buy a pair of shoes to edge me out of my conservative dressing. Let us hear what you think after viewing this pictures.

What do you think? Do you think we should proceed with these? They look really good but are they really comfortable???
But we are all for the beautiful shoes below: timeless pieces never go out of style. Enjoy!

So whatever your feet find to do, please do it well!
Photo credits: @prettyintofashion, @teamshoeicide, @uyandam, @buyorbye
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Remember looking & feeling good is a choice.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

DJ Exclusive & His style.

I was at the salon last year competing with boredom when  I looked up to see what was showing on TV and there was some show on with some popular Nigerians. The anchor of the programme then turned his microphone to someone called DJ Exclusive. I did a double take and was like...what???

Aren't DJ's supposed to be behind the scenes, not...and definately not good-looking? But this one looked really interesting. I mean I have heard of him but seeing him in the flesh made me really think about the many options Nigerians have.

Turns out our suprising DJ is Rotimi Alakija and has a degree in Finance Computing from a UK University. He is said to have performed with Ne-Yo, Rihanna amongst others and is the current official DJ for WizKid.

We celebrate all his accomplishment but what we feature here, is his style. From the events he attends as a guest to the one where he DJ's, Rotimi has proven that style is second nature to him.
So, please ready your eyes for one of Nigeria's biggest and stylish DJ's.

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Photo Credit: @Djexclusive, Bella Naija

Monday, 13 May 2013

Should a man wear this? Men what do you think?

We love men that are tres fashionable. And we are not afraid to feature them here on style blog. But how far are men willing to go tp be considered fashionable.

We want to know if you would wear this?
Men, please let us know your thoughts.
Photo credit:Buyorbye


Friday, 10 May 2013

Styles & Weddings wish Miss Ajayi...a beautiful church wedding day

We at Styles & Weddings TME wish Miss Ajayi an amazing wedding day as she weds her beau later today. We know he couldn't wait to snag you.

We are proud of you. And we love you.

Have the day of your lives.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

TME Styles & Weddings feature|Prints||Prints|||Prints.

Prints are everywhere. And the fashionable people of the world are wearing them the best way they know how to. From the International Celebrities to the Nigerian Actress to the online high end fashionista to the regular people like you and I.
Prints are making waves like it does on an ocean. All the stylish ladies featured here are rocking prints with big hair, straight hair, sunglasses, statement jewellry pieces and most of all, with confidence.
So that blouse in your closet or those pair of pants, you have had difficulty in pairing? Open your creative side and be inspired by all the print looks of our favourite style stars.